Eight Overlooked Essentials Every Thru-Hiker And Backpacker Should Carry

2. Mini Water Filter

Lifestraw Steel Mini Water Filter
Are you lugging around bottle upon bottle of water? A huge water treatment system? Foul tasting iodine pills? Or just winging it, hoping the scourge of giardia and cryptosporidium or other nasty protozoa will spare you their undesired and very undesirable attentions? There’s no need – at the cost of merely a few hundred grams, you can save yourself all the trouble and potential bellyache.


Water filters such as the Sawyer Mini or the infamous Lifestraw are both reliable and can be used as a straw to drink directly from the source or to store water in a bladder and effectively remove 99.9% of water-borne protozoa. For those who want the reassurance of an emergency, back-up supply, a second bladder can be carried and filled and attached to the filter when the original bladder is empty.

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