Seven of the Best Waterproof Jackets Under $200

Amongst the many potential banes of a hiker’s life (or at least their days on the trail), is the regret of setting off into the backcountry with leaky or underperforming waterproofs when we need them the most. They can, after all, spoil your day. Finding a balance between style and performance is key for the outdoor enthusiast. Buying cheap, and unaware, you run the risk of a little leakage or drip or two somewhere along the line, eliminating its purpose of existence.


At the other end of the price scale, options are endless but not always quality-guaranteed. Fortunately, for those of us who are not in the position to drop $300+ on a waterproof jacket, there are plenty of moderately priced options avail that offer superior performance without skimping on quality. Here, we bring you seven of the best waterproof jackets in the market, all of which you can get your hands for under $200.

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