Conquering The Seven Summits

Mount Everest

1. Mount Everest

  • Located on the Nepal-Tibet (China) border and can be climbed from either side.
  • First climbed in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
  • Although the highest mountain in the world, Everest is not the hardest – the greatest difficulty lies in the altitude, not the technicality of the climbing
  • Speed record: Kilian Jornet, June 2017 – 26 hours
  • The most expensive of the 7 summits (average cost of $65k)
  • Named after a British surveyor, George Everest, who never even set foot in Nepal or Tibet!
  • Has seen 293 deaths since first attempts in the early 20th century




Distance (base camp to summit): 12.5 miles.
Season: Spring or Fall.
Estimated time to complete (days): 20-40.
Temperatures: As low as –76F in winter. The average summit temperature in July is –2F.
Altitude: 8848m/29,029ft.
Summit GPS Waypoints: N 27.99619, E 86.92761.
Required Gear: Down suit, 12-point crampons, high altitude boots, oxygen tanks and mask, ice axes(s), high-altitude gloves, down sleeping bag (rated to at least -20F), harness, belay device, ascender, ice screws, slings, carabiners, prusik cord, and the absolute best tent you can afford.

Average Cost: $65,000
Difficulty: Moderate compared to other 8,000ers.

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