7 Everyday Carry Essentials For The Modern Adventurer

Sourcing the basic, most fundamental items of gear for your outdoor adventures can be a fairly humdrum affair. Many outdoor accessories tend to be very run of the mill and most old-school enthusiasts will smugly tell us that any degree of coolness is secondary to functionality and practicality. Some of us, however, just aren’t prepared to settle – we want both!


Quite frankly, do-what-they-need-to-do but nothing-to-write-home-about outdoor gadgets and items leave us a little bit uninspired. Our inner James Bonds, Lara Crofts and Indiana Joneses are all screaming for, well, just a little more awesomeness. We know, that yours are too. Below, we’ve rounded up seven badass and also super-functional EDC essentials that raise the coolness level of your outdoor appurtenances off the frickin’ chart.

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