7 Everyday Carry Essentials For The Modern Adventurer

1. Portable Power Charging Device

Mycharge portable charger Adventure


Many navigation and survival purists would probably disagree, but in more scenarios than not, portable power can provide a huge advantage when exploring the backcountry—most notably as a means of reassurance for when things go wrong.

Best Use:

Recharging your iPod when you’ve listened to one Mariah Carey track too many or, on a more serious note, adding some juice to your cell phone when you happen to get caught in a serious SHTF moment so you can call the emergency services or mom which are both far more effective, than curling up into the fetal position and hoping for the best.


Why we love it:

For peace of mind, mostly. The prospect of trying to power our way up and over that next pass or long uphill stretch of biking trail without the help of the ‘Eye of the Tiger’, the Rocky theme tune or Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’, quite frankly, fills us with dread. Joking aside, a portable power device weighs next to nothing, takes up very little space and could come in mightily handy for emergency calls or urgent Facebook updates.


Staff RecommendationMyCharge Adventure Plus ($45)

Part of MyCharge’s recently released line of ruggedized power solutions designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast, the Adventure Plus is a tough, durable, lightweight and minimalist portable charging device that can handle any amount of rough and tumble. It offers four back up charges for your iPhone and comes with a handy carabiner clip so you can charge on the go.

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