Conquering The Seven Summits

Back in the day, entry into the mountaineering hall of fame required ‘only’ a successful ascent of Everest, K2, or an unclimbed peak in Tian Shan. Since Hillary and Tenzing Norgay set foot on Everest’s summit in 1953, however, the bar for inclusion into the pantheon of alpine greats has been raised steadily higher. Until we start sending alpinists to the Moon or Mars (hurry up SpaceX), the greatest challenges that remain to terrestrial alpinists are either forging new, increasingly difficult routes or completing one of mountaineering’s two biggest feats: all of the 8000ers or all of the Seven Summits.


For those ready and willing to clock up the miles and also boast a fat bank account, conquering one, much less all of the highest peaks on Earth’s seven continents would undoubtedly fast track you into the company of mountaineering elite. That said, the challenge is without question a biggie. But, just how big? Below, we give you a sneak peek into the world’s notorious seven summits.

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