Thru-hiking PCT
20 Sep 2017

Five Things I Wish I Had Left at Home Before Thru-Hiking the PCT

A wise person once said of backpacking, “the more you know, the less you need.” After two thru-hikes and decades of multi-day trips I’ve become more confident in choosing the gear that works for me, but I’ve made some poor choices along the way. It took a lot of experience

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Best mountaineering boots
16 Sep 2017

Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing The Perfect Mountaineering Boot

In the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in northern Italy, a roughly sewn scrap of deer, bear skin and lime tree bark takes pride of place in the museum’s prized collection of Stone Age artifacts. Dating all the way back to 3,500BC, this curious assemblage of materials was worn by

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lago di braies, Italy
09 Sep 2017

Explore Seven of The Most Beautiful Alpine Lakes in the World

One of the greatest gifts Mother Nature has granted lovers of the outdoors is our planet’s wealth of alpine lakes. Blessed with fascinating colors and scenic mountainous backdrops, the vast majority of these high-altitude jewels come with a ‘must see’ quality not shared by many of their lower-altitude cousins. National

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18 Aug 2017

Brand Spotlight: Sherpa Adventure Gear

With so many big-name and not-so-big-name outdoor brands on the market these days, all producing relatively similar goods, choosing where to spend your hard-earned cash can prove to be fairly problematic, especially for the less decisive among us. In terms of quality, value for money, durability and performance, the options

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Reaching The Summit
27 Jul 2017

Five Ways Spending More Time In The Outdoors Saved My Life

I stroll into my Monday morning lessons, my fingers well and truly shredded from a Sunday climbing sesh. Again. My students, as always, greet me with ironic and knowing smiles – in the few years that I’ve known them, they’ve come to expect little else. “I just don’t get why

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Hiking Cinque Terre, Italy
19 Jul 2017

Seven of the Most Amazing Hiking Destinations in Italy

Choosing a hiking destination in Italy can be like choosing a ‘coffee’ bar in Amsterdam, a castle to visit in Scotland or a sauna in Sweden – with so many options, it can all get a little bit overwhelming and you’re likely not to be disappointed with your choice! Luckily,

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Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness
02 Jul 2017

Seven Must-Stop And See Locations While Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada and boasts an incredible variety of landscapes. Almost every day thru-hikers enter a new environment and experience the stunning natural diversity that exists. From the dry and windy deserts of Southern California to the lush and forested slopes of

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Backpacker's trail recipes, oatmeal
17 Jun 2017

Ten Backcountry Recipes That Will Keep You Energized and Eating Well on the Trail

Despite the rigorous demands of our sport and the amount of energy we expend doing it, many trekkers and hikers tend to have a fairly lax approach to nutrition when on the trail. Compared to other sporting enthusiasts – cyclists, long-distance runners, and weightlifters, for example – we tend to

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Trekking poles
10 Jun 2017

Eight Overlooked Essentials Every Thru-Hiker And Backpacker Should Carry

Telling a thru-hiker, die-hard backpacker what they should or should not carry is rarely advisable. Chances are, they will not look favorably upon any attempt to deprive them of something they’ve already spent days, maybe weeks in their own heads pondering whether or not to add, remove from their already

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Hiking Angel's Landing, Zion National Park
12 Apr 2017

Five Must-Visit Spring Hiking Destinations in The Western US

For the avid hiker, spring-time means it’s time to get outside and hit the trails! With the snow melting, milder temperatures and alpine flowers, it’s the ideal time to explore the wilderness in the western United States. So, to help you plan your first of the seasons adventures, here are

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