Trekking poles
19 Oct 2017

7 of The Best Technical Backpacks Under $250

Accumulating all the necessary kit for serious mountaineering adventures can be a costly business. With ice tools, crampons, cams, clothes, helmets, ropes and various other bits and bobs on the non-negotiable list, most of us find our chances of experiencing moderate poverty rising in tandem with our stash of gear.

navigation in the outdoors
18 Oct 2017

Trail Navigation 101 – How To Use A Map And A Compass

The advent of mobile navigation devices such as GPS and cell-phone applications has led to a fairly common disregard for the old-school, traditional use of map and compass. Like any electronic device, however, navigation devices have their drawbacks and limitations and are susceptible to a host of undesirable variables such

Patagonia Cover Photo
17 Oct 2017

Brand Spotlight: Patagonia – Setting The Example for The Outdoor Industry

In a world where our leaders appear to be getting progressively more unconscientious, it is a source of great comfort to know that not all our planet’s major players are cut from the same cloth. In the high echelons of the planet’s multinationals and positions of power, thankfully, there remain

16 Oct 2017

Five Scientifically Proven Benefits Getting Outside Can Have On Your Life

Most of us are intuitively aware that spending time in nature is good for us. We just feel better when we’re out there doing our thing, immersed in the beauty and calm of the natural world. Right? Well, what our instincts have always told us is now gaining the backing

Camping in Italy
26 Sep 2017

Seven of the Most Beautiful Weekend Camping Destinations in Italy

Italy is known to its inhabits as ‘the beautiful country’ (la bel paese), and for good reason. While famed for its ancient monuments, delicious cuisine, stunning coastlines, colorful politicians and beautiful people, many are unaware that the la bel paese also possesses some of the most outrageously stunning camping spots

Thru-hiking PCT
20 Sep 2017

Five Things I Wish I Had Left at Home Before Thru-Hiking the PCT

A wise person once said of backpacking, “the more you know, the less you need.” After two thru-hikes and decades of multi-day trips I’ve become more confident in choosing the gear that works for me, but I’ve made some poor choices along the way. It took a lot of experience