Ten Backcountry Recipes That Will Keep You Energized and Eating Well on the Trail

Despite the rigorous demands of our sport and the amount of energy we expend doing it, many trekkers and hikers tend to have a fairly lax approach to nutrition when on the trail. Compared to other sporting enthusiasts – cyclists, long-distance runners, and weightlifters, for example – we tend to be, with some exceptions, altogether less fussy about what we put in our bellies. Part of this ‘anything will do’ mentality derives, no doubt, from the fact that when we’re on a long hike or thru-trek, just about anything tastes good, and it is also one of the few times when a little bit of extra-calorie intake and comfort eating is unlikely to see us pile on the pounds. Nevertheless, when hiking our bodies require a wide range of nutrients to keep us energized and healthy. While we’re not recommending you go as far as the early British expeditions which carted along dozens of crates of home delicacies and hundreds of bottles of champagne on treks to the K2 region, we’d like to help you enjoy a few nutritious, tasty, satisfying and energizing trail meals without resorting to the often expensive pre-packaged, ready-made camping meals found online and in outdoor stores – and without scrimping on taste and enjoyment. Let’s take a look at how it’s done with our custom-made backpacker and thru-hiker’s menu!



1. Apple-Banana Oatmeal

Ingredients: Instant oatmeal (100-200g), dried apple and banana, dried milk (40-80g), water, a pinch of salt, sugar (to taste), protein powder.

Instructions: Throw all of the ingredients in a zip-lock bag, give it a shake, add to boiled water when ready to eat…simple!

We say: An easy, effective way to boost energy levels and get in some potassium and vitamins in the process.

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