7 Everyday Carry Essentials For The Modern Adventurer

2. Pocket Knife

SOG Trident Knife

A knife is one of the most popular everyday carry items, and for good reason. It is extremely functional while in the outdoors and can be used in various ways: chopping up food, opening wine bottles, whittling wood and sticks, fending off intruders or giving yourself a little impromptu manicure while out on the trail.


Best Use:

  • Cutting some mock ninja moves in camp when bored
  • Cutting apples, cakes, sandwiches, fingers
  • Opening beer or wine bottles
  • Trimming firewood
  • Knife-throwing contests (recommended prior to consumption of beer and/or wine bottles)


Why we love it:

Although we in no way wish to condone violence or advocate presenting an aggressive image, it’s hard to escape the fact that having a badass pocket knife can make you look and feel remarkably cool. Not only that, but it’s hard to consider yourself a true outdoorsperson until you have one. It’s like considering yourself a true politician without a sizeable repertoire of lies and/or multiple skeletons in your closet. Kinda.


Staff RecommendationSOG Trident ($111)

If you’re gonna buy a knife, half-measures at the purchase point are likely to lead to disappointment further down the line. For something sure to satisfy all of your chopping needs and unlikely to break, go blunt or resemble your grandma’s butter knife after a few months of use, they don’t come much better than the sleek, stylish and – dare we say it – damn sexy SOG Trident. Used by Navy Seals and developed by special ops, this titanium nitride-coated, stainless steel blade comes with the blessing of those truly in the know. As an added bonus, high-tension coil springs propel the blade open, allowing you to open it with just one hand. If it’s good enough for the Seals, it’s good enough for us…

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