03 Mar 2016

Driver Of Submerged Tractor Refuses To Give Up

Rural Russia is an interesting place. The scenery is beautiful, the roads are crap, and the snow is deep. To conquer their massive patch of planet, the Soviets had to create an armada of monster machines, like the Kirovets K-700. This articulating 4×4 tractor is unbelievably capable. The K700 driver

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24 Feb 2016

Farmer Jerry-Rigs Amazing Autonomous Tractor

For years, science fiction has told us that we’d have flying cars, robot housekeepers, and telephone wristwatches. We’d be whooshing around the galaxy in giant space ships, as artificial intelligence took care of our every need. The future looked bright back in the 20th century, but we’re only now starting

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31 Jan 2016

Epic River Crossing By Four-Wheel Drive Toyota Land Cruiser

You probably already know that “Australian Rules” means no rules but it can also mean ignoring conventional wisdom. For most off-roaders, a deep river with an obvious current means searching the river bank for an easier place to ford where you might not drown in the attempt. However, using the

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28 Jan 2016

Track N Go: Turn Your Truck into a Snowmobile with the The First Wheel Driven Track System

Warning: getting the following product could take away all of your excuses to not go to work during a really bad snowstorm. Four-wheel drive vehicles are great since they promise the perceived ability to get virtually anywhere. The truth of the matter is that not every truck or SUV with

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16 Jan 2016

The 5 Most Extreme Off-Road Paths in Eastern US

The eastern part of the United States is quickly becoming a hub for off-roading enthusiasts, with more new fantastic locations popping up along the coast each year. Here is our list of the five best off-roading trails you should explore the next time you plan an adventure on the east

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14 Jan 2016

The 5 Most Extreme Off-Road Paths in America

From dune bashing, mudding, rock crawling, to cross-country, off-roading has spread like rapid fire in America. Thanks to Russian influence and a surplus of utility vehicles left over from World War II, Americans soon found how awesome it was to take their vehicles off the beaten path and into the

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01 Jan 2016

Kayak Fishing: This Is How You Land A Monster Fish

Catching big fish is tricky enough from a big boat, yet alone in a kayak. A common misconception is that if you can fish, you can kayak fish. But, kayak angling requires a heck of a lot more than having acquired fishing skills. Adding a kayak to the mix presents

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