Driver Of Submerged Tractor Refuses To Give Up

Rural Russia is an interesting place. The scenery is beautiful, the roads are crap, and the snow is deep. To conquer their massive patch of planet, the Soviets had to create an armada of monster machines, like the Kirovets K-700. This articulating 4×4 tractor is unbelievably capable. The K700 driver in the below video grossly under-estimated the depth of a frigged Russian river. So when the driver managed to completely submerge one in a Russian river, this beast clawed its way back to dry land expelling lots of black smoke and Soviet-era horsepower. And the kicker is, this Kirovet K-700 came out of the river…pulling a goose-neck trailer!


The biggest cause of mechanical mayhem is overly confident drivers. You can’t just fling your machine into a situation that it wasn’t designed to handle, and then expect it to get you out of trouble unscathed. Many of the drivers in YouTube fail videos deserve their fate, and the tow truck drivers who rescue them deserve the money they make. But since calling for help isn’t an option when you’re 900 miles from nowhere, you’ve got to find some determination. And if you happen to screw up in Russia, you’ll probably want to find some vodka too…



The articulating tractor in this video is a Kirovets K-700, and it first rumbled across the Siberian landscape back in 1962. With the Cold War war underway, Soviet heavy vehicle manufacturers had to get creative in order to meet their customer’s needs. To that end, the K-700 was designed to provide farmers with a seriously-heavy-duty tractor that could pull everything from a plough, to a small skyscraper. It had a hydraulic articulating body, with a rear drive axle that could be quickly disconnected for maximum maneuverability. And power came from a selection of V8 and V12 turbo diesel engines, which offered between 817 lb-ft and 1,338 pound-feet of map-altering torque.

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Judging by the grille, the Kirovets K700 in the video looks to be a second-generation model made after 1975. This 26,000 lb behemoth has 16 forward gears, 8 reverse gears, and a top speed of 20 mph. Even with its massive 6ft tall tires, the 12ft tall articulating body allows the K700 to have a tiny (claimed) turning radius of 23 feet. In its day, the all-terrain Kirovets K-700 was used for many jobs. Including farming tasks like plowing fields, disking, cultivation, harrowing, seeding, and snow plowing / management. The sturdy 4×4 K700 tractor was also a popular tool in other fields too. Including road construction, reclamation, general construction, and excavation. We don’t know what the Kirovets K-700 in this video was being used for. But we do know its driver practically turned it into a submarine.
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