Kayak Fishing: This Is How You Land A Monster Fish

Catching big fish is tricky enough from a big boat, yet alone in a kayak. A common misconception is that if you can fish, you can kayak fish. But, kayak angling requires a heck of a lot more than having acquired fishing skills. Adding a kayak to the mix presents a few additional preparations to ensure a successful fishing excursion. Having the right gear as well as the know-how to land a big fish on open water and from a kayak requires some precision that proves challenging for even the most experienced sports fisherman. That said, below are a few ‘heads up’ tips on how to land a monster fish from a kayak accompanied by a recently submitted video of the a Cape Coral man landing in the largest kayak bottom fish ever.


Choosing The Right Kayak: To Paddle or Pedal?

Pedal. If your goal is to land a big fish, you do not want to be bothered by a paddle. There will not be anyone to assist you should you capsize, so choose wisely. You want to be comfortable and in control when fighting a monster fish. A majority of oceanic anglers choose a kayak with pedals. Why? Well, the answer is simple. The pedals can be used as resistance against the strength of the fish. While battling the big one, you can start pedaling increasing pressure on the fish, wearing it out more easily. Moreover, when you are in a pedal kayak, your hands are free. This means that you do not have to control the kayak and hold the fishing rod at the same time. Also, you won’t have to worry if you lose your paddle. The bottom line is with the pedal-controlled kayak, you have a huge advantage when battling big fish; you do not want the outcome of your fight to come down to the type of kayak you have.


Keep It Simple & Pack Lightly

Before heading out into deep waters, you need to make sure you are properly equipped. Don’t take too much stuff with you. Packing the right gear will depend on a number of things. First, only back the necessities. Think about the type of fish you are after, the type of water, safety gear and then pack accordingly. Make sure to secure everything on your kayak. Your fishing gear, your paddle, an ice box if you have it – everything needs to be tied down so it doesn’t fall out of the Kayak. Next, be sure you are wearing the right apparel. Fishing from a kayak is not as forgiving as your Huckins 45 Sportsfisherman Fishing Yacht, so you want to make sure to wear clothes that are both UV and water resistant. Some protective gloves, a hat and sunglasses are must haves as well. This should serve as a good excuse to take a trip to Bass Pro for those who see Bass Pro Shops as their second home. After you’ve packed the right gear and before heading out on your kayak-fishing expedition, the most important thing is to make sure you practice.

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