Eight Overlooked Essentials Every Thru-Hiker And Backpacker Should Carry

4. Spare Laces

Fat Laces, spare laces for backpackers
While most boot manufacturers these days fit their products with decently-made laces, if you’re out on the trail, exposed to the elements and putting your feet through the rough and tumble of rocky and muddy terrain, there’s a good chance your laces are, at some point, going to succumb to mother nature’s wrath.


At around 50g per pair, this entry is really a no-brainer. Not only can they spare the trekker the frustration of hiking with a loose boot or trying to fix frayed or broken laces, but be put to a variety of other uses too, such as fixing guy lines on your tent, hanging clothes to dry or replacing broken straps, belts and ties on your tent or backpack.

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