Seven Outdoor Adventure Races to Unleash Your Inner-Warrior

3. Cotopaxi Questival – USA

Cotopaxi Questival 24-Hour Adventure Race

i. What to expect: Fun…lots of it! This 24-hour adventure race gives you the chance to do a ton of cool things you may have on your bucket list or just haven’t had time to do until now. Your challenge list will be emailed to you 24 hours before the race. You and your team can rack up points by completing challenges such as: ‘Hike to the nearest waterfall – 9 points’, ‘Catch a fish with a fly rod – 12 points’, ‘Donate blood while wearing Dracula teeth – 6 points’, or ‘Donate clothing to a nonprofit serving those in need – 3 points’.


ii. Race Difficulty: Maybe the most inclusive of events and easily doable for anyone and everyone. Even if you can’t manage the big 12-pointers, there are sure to be a few 3-pointers easily within your capabilities and comfort zone!
iii. Cost: $45
iv. Find A Questival Event:

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