7 Stories of Backcountry Pursuits That Will Inspire Your Next Adventure

2. Ed Stafford – The Amazonian Odysseus

Ed Stafford. The first man to walk the Amazon river.

A fairly simple definition of an “adventure” could be anything that takes you out of your comfort zone and usual environment for a certain period of time. For us mortals, that could mean anything from a few hours on the bike, a few days in a canoe, to a month-long thru-hike. But, if you’re Ed Stafford, a two-year and three-month epic trek of the Amazon River’s 4000-mile length is just what the doctor ordered!


Most would be content to undertake the journey by boat or canoe, but badass Stafford did it all – alone, and we might add – on foot. On the way, he came across giant anacondas, hacked his way through mile upon mile of dense, trail-less jungle and survived the attempts of nasty parasites and bot flies that attempted to lay him low with various infections, viruses and, one occasion, by eating into his scalp. Stafford lived to tell the tale and is currently planning his next great adventure.

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