Five Must-Visit Spring Hiking Destinations in The Western US

3. Olomana Three Peaks Trail, Oahu, Hawaii

For adrenaline junkies, challenge yourself on the Olomana Trail. From dense, muddy native bush, you’ll climb more than 1,600ft towards the first peak to reveal stunning, tropical views of the eastern Oahu, towards the sea. Most people only aim for the first peak, which is an achievement itself, and can only be reached by using a series of tattered, weathered ropes to haul yourself up rocks to the summit.



Pro tip: Exercise EXTREME caution on this trail as it’s dangerous and unmaintained!

Difficulty: Intermediate, Advanced

Pros: Incredible views, fun trail

Cons: Muddy, dangerous climb, steep drop-offs, unmaintained ropes system, hard to find parking

Congestion: Medium

Total Distance & Duration: Approximately 5-mile round trip, 3-4 hours

Ideal Time of Year to Hike: Any time

Trail Uses: Hiking

Dog-Friendly: No

Recommended Gear: The North Face Borealis Lightweight Day Pack, Keen Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Elevation (at trailhead): 250ft

Costs: None

State: Hawaii

Directions to trailhead: Park as close as possible to the Luana Hills Country Club off of Auloa Road then walk down the access road, passing by the guard shack until you see the trailhead sign on your left.

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