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Watch School Bus Filled With Children Escape Near Disaster

“Safe” is not a word you’d use to describe most Russian drivers. YouTube is absolutely filled with frightening Russian driver videos, showing everything from road rage, to epic accidents. So it’s not really surprising that a Russian school bus driver would attempt to cross a washed out bridge during a flash flood. What makes the following video so terrifying, is there’s actually 50+ children onboard the bus!


All right, this should go without saying: never, ever attempt to drive through a flash flood. If rushing water blocks the road ahead of you, turn around and find another way. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Range Rover, a lifted 4×4, or a monster truck. You have no way of knowing the condition of the road beneath that water, and a sudden surge of water could come along at any moment sweeping you downstream. Many people die in flash floods each year, simply because they over-estimate their ability to handle a rushing torrent of water. So do yourself a favor, and “turn around, don’t drown.”


What No One Tells You About Flash Floods

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