Nine Common Beginner Climbing and Mountaineering Mistakes To Avoid

3. Complacency

Resting mountain climber by Andrew Burr

Photo Captured By Andrew Burr

Perhaps the most widespread and dangerous of all climbing mistakes, complacency covers a wide variety of errors ranging from lackadaisical footwork to not screwing up carabiners to not paying attention to our climbing partner while he or she is climbing.


This tendency usually sets in immediately after the beginners stage, when we start to get comfortable – too comfortable – with the ins and outs of rope work etc., and before we have witnessed that first serious accident which usually never allows us to take any aspect of climbing so lightly or for granted again. Avoiding complacency is achieved by simply reminding ourselves of the potential consequences of an overly-casual approach. A quick Google search for ‘climbing injuries’ should do the trick!

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