Grizzly Bear Charges Two Mountain Bikers In Canada

Grizzly Bear attacks are extremely rare and it’s highly unlikely you will ever be charged by one much less catch it on camera. But, that’s exactly what happened to two mountain bikers riding on a trail at the Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. The Grizzly in the below video had a cub with her and was more than likely protecting her cub when she saw the first mountain biker coming down the trail. The mountain biker stops to wait on his cousin and that’s when he hears low growling to look up and see the Grizzly charging him. He quickly jumps on his mountain biked descending 50 feet down the mountain nearing the edge of a cliff. Fortunately for him, the bear is distracted by the second mountain biker and decides to take a detour of his own allowing the two to escape down the trail.


For the most part, Grizzlies would prefer to avoid humans at all times. A large majority of attacks actually result from bears that are held in captivity by animal trainers, zoos, or even kept as pets. And then there are the surprising yet seemingly common scenarios where people either fall and/or willingly enter a bear’s cage and gets mauled. Outside of these, bear attacks can and do happen in the outdoors and when they do, they will often be for one of three reasons. Bears are very territorial. Grizzlies do not play well with others and prefer to fly solo.


They aren’t interested in seeing you roll up in your bike on their home turf while their hunting or trying to take a nap. Secondly, bears are very protective of their cubs. A large majority of attacks including the charge in the below video, stem from a momma bear trying to simply take care of her cub(s). Lastly and the most obvious is Grizzlies are wild animals. And in their environment, they are at the top of their food chain.
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In the wild, this hierarchy and understanding of your role is extremely important and often the key to survival. The feeding relationship in an ecosystem leads to the inherent predatory tendency for a Grizzly potentially seeing you as part of the food chain. The wilderness is just well, the wilderness and it’s best to understand and respect mother nature while enjoying it at the same time. So below, let’s take a look at a couple ‘heads up’ tips any outdoorsman or woman should embrace when encountering a grizzly.
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