Conquering The Seven Summits

Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro

4. Kilimanjaro

  • Located in the East Africa Rift Valley Mountains
  • First recorded ascent in 1889 (Meyer and Purtscheller)
  • Made up of three volcanoes: Shira (extinct), Mandenzi (extinct), Kibo (dormant)
  • Summit ice cap has shrunk by 80% in the last century
  • The easiest of the Seven Summits to climb


Distance (base camp to summit): 4.5 miles.
Season: All year round (most climbers avoid rainy season April-May).
Estimated time to complete (days): 5-8 days.
Temperatures: From 20F to -20F on the summit.
Altitude: 5,895m/19,341ft.
Summit GPS Waypoints: S 03.04’, E 37.21’.
Required Gear: Sleeping bag rated to 10F, down jacket, soft shell pants, soft shell jacket, gloves, B1 boots, tent.

Average Cost: $5,000
Difficulty: Easy, non-technical.

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