16 Jan 2016

The 5 Most Extreme Off-Road Paths in Eastern US

The eastern part of the United States is quickly becoming a hub for off-roading enthusiasts, with more new fantastic locations popping up along the coast each year. Here is our list of the five best off-roading trails you should explore the next time you plan an adventure on the east

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14 Jan 2016

The 5 Most Extreme Off-Road Paths in America

From dune bashing, mudding, rock crawling, to cross-country, off-roading has spread like rapid fire in America. Thanks to Russian influence and a surplus of utility vehicles left over from World War II, Americans soon found how awesome it was to take their vehicles off the beaten path and into the

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01 Jan 2016

Kayak Fishing: This Is How You Land A Monster Fish

Catching big fish is tricky enough from a big boat, yet alone in a kayak. A common misconception is that if you can fish, you can kayak fish. But, kayak angling requires a heck of a lot more than having acquired fishing skills. Adding a kayak to the mix presents

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